Planned Giving

“I’ve decided to leave money to YES! in my will because YES! is the only publication I know of that, day after day, shows us how we can change this world for the better. I want to be part of that transformation—now and into the future.” — Yehudit Lieberman

Name YES! in Your Will or Retirement Plan

Inspire future generations by naming the Positive Futures Network (publisher of YES! Magazine) in your will or retirement plan. Your gift will help us continue our work for years to come, while providing favorable tax benefits to you or your estate designee.

  • Name the Positive Futures Network in your Will or revocable trust. Naming the Positive Futures Network in your Will or trust will cost you nothing during your lifetime, but can leave a lasting legacy of support. A bequest can be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after other bequests have been fulfilled. Our Tax ID # is 91-1715916.

  • Name the Positive Futures Network as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. A pre-tax retirement account and proceeds from a life insurance policy are typically subject to both estate and income taxes. However, these taxes can be avoided by naming the Positive Futures Network as the beneficiary. The donation comes to us tax free. Our Tax ID # is 91-1715916.

Gifts That Make an Impact Now

Ensure the longterm impact of YES! while also getting immediate tax benefits.

  • Give from a Donor Advised Fund. A Donor Advised Fund lets you designate charitable contributions for years in the future while taking the full tax benefit of those contributions now. Contact a community foundation or other investment institution to set up a DAF.
  • Donate from your IRA. If you are over age 70½, donating from your IRA is an excellent way to meet your required minimum distribution while reducing your tax liability. Contact your IRA administrator to request a funds transfer directly to Positive Futures Network.
  • Give appreciated stock. Avoid capital gains tax by donating appreciated stock that you’ve held for more than one year. You’ll also get an immediate tax deduction for the securities’ fair market value. Ask your broker to transfer shares to the Positive Futures Network. Click here for more information.

Want More Information?

These are just some of the ways you can ensure the longterm impact of YES! while providing benefits to yourself and your heirs. For more information about joining the YES! Legacy Circle, or to receive a brochure about including YES! in your estate plan, contact:

Camille Gomez 
Donor Stewardship Manager
cgomez [at]
(206) 842-5009, ext. 203