About YES!

YES! Media is a nonprofit, independent publisher of solutions journalism.

Through rigorous reporting on the positive ways communities are responding to social problems and insightful commentary that sparks constructive discourse, YES! Media inspires people to build a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Our Journalism

YES! Media is independent and nonpartisan. Our explanatory journalism analyzes societal problems in terms of their root causes and explores opportunities for systemic, structural change. Our stories uncover environmental, economic, and social justice intersections. Our solutions reporting spotlights the ideas and initiatives of people building a better world. Our commentaries address dominant economic, political, and social structures and consider alternative ways of thinking that can produce a more equitable and Earth-friendly world.

Editorial Independence, Transparency, and Ethics

YES! Media editorial policies follow the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. We have adopted standards for editorial independence and transparency of the Institute for Nonprofit News. See more on our editorial policies and standards here.

Nonprofit and Reader-Supported

YES! is ad-free and has no paywall for its online content. Most magazines make their money from advertising. But we don’t want advertisers to influence the content of YES! Because subscription sales cover just one third of our costs, we rely on tax-deductible donations from our readers and from foundation grants. Donations also fund discounted subscriptions to libraries and teachers, grassroots organizations, faith groups, and policy-makers.

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